BladeEnc Downloads

Due to the patents regarding mp3 technology, I can not distribute BladeEnc in executable form from this page. Luckily though, there are many countries where these patents are not enforceable or just not in effect yet and some people living in those countries have graciously put up Binary Distribution Points for BladeEnc.

Please support their effort to keep the latest version of BladeEnc online, by downloading the latest stable BladeEnc sourcecode (see the source section on this site for code and details) and compiling it for your platform if it isn't available yet and you feel you have the necessary knowledge.


Currently available distribution points
First one established. Provider makes a good job to keep everyting as up-to-date as possible.
No comment. Brasil Page in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.
These distribution points are run by different people on a voluntary basis and little coordination them between. Therefore one might have binaries that aren't available on the others or the same version might differ a little in size and speed since it has been compiled by different people using different compilers and settings.

Please note that depending on where you are living it might be illegal for you to download and/or use BladeEnc!
More information is available on the BDPs.

It is of value to me to have multiple distribution points in multiple countries since it helps prevent these companies from trying to get BladeEnc off the net by applying pressure on people and ISPs or gaining acceptance for their patents in more countries. If you want to provide a distribution point, please e-mail me (see the e-mail section on this site), but first make sure that you aren't living in a country where mp3-related patents have been granted! (check against the information on the BDPs).

BladeEnc for MacOS

The MacOS port of BladeEnc is maintained by Petteri Kamppuri
and has  it's own homepage at