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This is the home page of Copyleft Software AS. We're a small Norway based company, and we're into free software. We use it for most of what we do, and whatever we produce we (eventually) GPL. We also provide hosting, etc. for others who are doing the same.

The company is owned by the people who work here, and the charter forbids dividends and discourages sales of shares to outside interests. It also ensures the copyright of software produced goes to the author, not to the company or to the customer, and it also ensures the software is under the GPL (or in special cases, another free license).

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Get in touch with us through mail, at info@copyleft.no. You can also call us at +47 22 17 55 82,
or send snail mail to Copyleft Software AS, Postboks 9271 Grønland, NO-0134 Oslo, Norway.

CLS Employee Of The Month Webmail for Copyleft users.

Our Services
We primarily do programming for the free OSes. This means we mostly do technical stuff for particularly interested customers. But a lot of what we do is also web programming, and this gives us a slightly wider audience.

We also have a few designers on board, we're able to do system administration, and we provide internet services of all kinds.

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Incomplete English Pages
This temporary front page is all we have ready for English readers at this point. The items under "stuff" (left) will take you to Norwegian pages. We won't have translations ready for at least six months. Sorry.

Our Projects
Our main projects these days include FIX (an old style telnet BBS), FIDEL (the new BBS software for FIX), a GNU/Linux office project (where we migrate a Windows based office network over to a free software based one), MP3 Norway (a kind of local mp3.com) and the FIXbox (a hardware charity).

In addition, we're working on several projects for other companies, on contract.

Our Latest News:

Webmail for Copyleft users!
People who have e-mail accounts at Copyleft (and those with accounts on the FIX server bzzzt.fix.no) can now read their e-mail on the web. This includes people with shell logins who are barred from using POP.
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Copyleft in Prague!
Representatives of the company took part in the protests against IMF at the IMF summit in Prague, this September. Our slogan was "NO SOFTWARE PATENTS!"
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Altered charter!
Our charter has been altered to allow people working at CLS to modify existing packages that are not under the GPL. They must still be under some kind of free software license, as defined by the FSF. Anything we start on must still be GPL.
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